Sportsbooks That Accept eChecks

Direct deposit banking methods are amongst the most secure of all deposit methods, and the sportsbooks that accept eChecks exemplify this. No deposit method compares to e-checks, as they carry the ease of a credit card with the benefits of an e-wallet. Deposits do not fail, all transactions are totally safe, and you do not even have to go into debt in order to make your deposits. We have found that making payments with e-checks is instantaneous as well, with no real downtime between your payments. Electronic checks have no real drawbacks, but they are not accepted through that many sportsbooks at the moment. As long as you have a checking account, you can jump right in the games.

How To Sign To Use eChecks For Sports Betting

Using e-checks does not require an alternative account to use - you simply need a checking account. If you already have a checking account than you do not have to go through any extra lengths in order to begin playing with the use of e-checks. When you open an account you will be given checks, and these checks have all of the information required in order to begin making payments into your sportsbooks. They require you to use your bank's routing number and your personal account number. Once you enter both of these numbers into the casino's cashier, you will then be able to transfer funds directly into the sportsbook. There is no third party, as all payments are effectuated by your bank and the payment processors backing your sportsbook's cashier.

Fees Associated With Using eChecks Sportsbook Deposits

For the most part, electronic checks require no fees in order to process these payments. The only fee that may actually be imposed against you is an international transfer fee. You may faced with a small percentage of your deposit in transfer fees, all depending on the fees in place by your bank. These are not guaranteed, as some banks are progressive enough to not actually force you into paying any fees. This is another reason that we prefer e-checks above e-wallets, as the fees are nearly non-existent.

eChecks Sports Betting & The U.S. Sports Gambler

American gamblers also have no problems making payments directly through the use of the e-checks into USA sportsbooks. In fact, this is almost a USA exclusive deposit method. There are some casinos that will not accept payments from players outside of the United States. We have found that international players may have to find some form of intermediary in order to process payments through the use of e-checks.

Overall Thoughts Of eChecks Sportsbook Deposits

Generally speaking, e-checks are one of the best deposit methods on the market. We have never experienced any problems with e-checks, though we live in the United States. International gamblers may occasionally encounter trouble with e-checks. The main problem we have with this deposit method is the fact that it is not accepted through that many locations. There is also the fact the money is not removed from your banking account instantly. It may take a few days for the money to be deducted from your checking account. This is because you are pre-approved, but the funds are not actually withdrawn instantly. Regardless, we recommend using e-checks whenever possible.

Top eCheck Sports Betting Sites

5Dimes is one of the very few gambling sites that accept e-checks and that does not require sports betting bonus codes. Electronic checks can be used to make deposits and withdrawals through 5Dimes. You can deposit a minimum of $50 with this deposit method. Withdrawing with this method is enormously fast, and there is only a 3% fee on withdrawals. 5Dimes has betting lines on nearly every major sport, including the major American sports and some of the minor sports around the world. 5Dimes has made it so their users can also take advantage of a huge number of betting types. As one of the sportsbooks accepting eChecks, deposits and withdrawals both process incredibly quickly into and out of their sportsbook.

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