Sportsbooks That Accept Digital Pin

Note: Digital-Pin is no longer accepted at any online sports betting sites that we know of at this time. Bovada was accepting this deposit method but no longer does however they do accept other methods like credit cards and other prepaid options that work just as well as Digial Pin used to. Please explore these other deposit methods or visit Bovada for the methods they are currently accepting.

Branded prepaid cards are rapidly taking over the market, and sportsbooks that accept Digital Pin are one of the types of deposit method that are dominating the market. Digital Pin is a prepaid card that essentially uses mobile air time to transfer credits. Acting as an intermediary, Digital Pin opens up payment opportunities to their users by making it easy to transfer funds directly into the account without actually having to enter credit card information into the sportsbook's cashier. Payments are instant, deposits are secure, and the whole method is totally safe and secure. Digital Pin no real drawbacks other than the fact that it is not a direct payment solution.

How To Sign To Use Digital-Pin For Sports Betting

If you want to open a Digital Pin account, you will have to visit their site - - and begin the sign up process. You will have to open an account, but this is so you can monitor your finances easier. The sign up process will require the same information you would offer the sportsbook, with the one exception that you have to add the last four digits of your social security number into the mix. This is so your identification can be authorized and legitimacy can be determined. The Digital Pin does not want you to fall victim to identity theft, so they make sure that you and only you can open your account. Digital Pin will then give you full access to your account, which should take only five to ten minutes.

Fees Associated With Using DigitalPin Sportsbook Deposits

Fees are part of the Digital Pin service. Digital Pin requires fees in order continue operation, as well as to turn a profit. The fees are fairly nominal. You will only have to pay 5% of your payment in fees, which is fairly controllable. Even depositing $1,000 is only worth $50 in fees - and let's face it, if you can afford to gamble with $1,000 or more, than $50 should be the least of your concerns. The sportsbooks have no fees themselves, so you have nothing to worry about but that 5% fee. Some sportsbooks charge similar fees for using credit cards, so it is a win/win situation.

Digital Pin Sports Betting & The U.S. Sports Gambler

While DigitalPin is a service that is open all over the world, the primary users of this service are Americans. Deposit methods for USA gamblers are not as common as they used to be. Digital Pin and American gamblers can work together in order to make depositing as easy as possible. In the event that your credit card deposits fail, consider using DigitalPin. It is essentially a way for you to process payments without having to go directly through a credit card. There is no real problem involved in using this deposit option in the United States, as it simply cannot fail at the best online sports betting sites accept USA players.

Overall Thoughts Of Digital-Pin Sportsbook Deposits

To be totally honest, we appreciate DigitalPin for what is is. Though there are other deposit options that function more efficiently without having to go through another deposit option, very few are as fast and cheap as DigitalPin. They are also one of the most secure payment solutions out there. DigitalPin's biggest drawback is the fact that it cannot be used through a large number of different sportsbooks. Only a few sites have added the DigitalPin deposit method, and this is the main flaw that we found in the deposit option.

Top DigitalPin Sports Betting Sites

Bovada was one of the first gambling sites to add Digital Pin as a deposit method. Having incorporated Digital Pin into their service, Bovada has allowed players to make deposits even easier. While you will still have to have a VISA in order to make payments into an account, their is no rate of failure associated with DigitalPin. You simply have to buy your credits through Digital Pin and then use the code they give you to make deposits into Bovada's cashier. Their 50% to $250 match bonus will allow you to circumvent the fees that you will encounter through the use of DigitalPin. Additionally, know that no sports betting coupon codes are needed to collect this bonus. Unfortunately, DigitalPin is not a withdrawal method through Bovada, so you will have to find an alternative method. With access to every major sport around the globe, Bovada is one of the more diverse sportsbooks available, as well as one of the few sportsbooks accepting DigitalPin.

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