Sportsbook Bonus Guide

Collecting bonuses is a fairly straight forward task, but we have found a sporstbook bonus guide to be somewhat neccesary due to some of the finer points to accepting these bonuses. Deposit bonuses are meant to be all fun and games, but they do have a little business attached to them. You can get free money but it is not without a price. There are a few hang ups associated with sportsbook bonuses, so you will have to contend with these when you select some bonuses. We have experienced quite a few sportsbooks, accepted their bonuses, played the odds and attempted to win some cash. We will show you some of the more requisite details of accepting bonuses so keep reading if you truly wish to understand what collecting bonuses entails.

Knowing Rollover & Wagering Requirements For Bonuses

There is one major thing you will have to look at when it comes to collecting these bonuses. This is the wagering requirement, also known as the rollover. The rollover requirement is how much you will be forced to wager prior to being able to cash out your winnings. Every bonus has one, and they come in various sizes. First off, they are applied with a rate. The rollover rate is generally seen as a multiplier. They will take your deposit, add the bonus, then multiply that total by the rollover rate. For instance, let us say the bonus is a 10% bonus with a 5x rollover. If you deposit $100, you will receive a free $10. You will then have to wager this total 5 times through - $110 times 5, or $550. After you exceed this amount in total wagers, you will be able to cash out. Some bonuses have lower requirements, and we suggest you aim for something in the 1x to 3x deposit - especially if you do not plan on depositing that much.

Other Limitations Involved With Sports Betting Deposit Bonuses

Another type of wagering requirement you will have to contend with is only being able to wager on certain bets, especially at US friendly sportsbooks. This includes not being able to wager on certain betting lines. In addition to rollover rates, you will be faced with being unable to wager on the different lines associated with reduced juice. These lines already pay enough, and thus the gambling sites will not allow you to place wagers on the different reduced juice odds. If you do so you may ended up voiding your bonus. We suggest you pay special rule, terms and conditions of any bonus, as you would otherwise find yourself in trouble - or at least broke.

One more caveat to accepting bonuses is the fact that you cannot accept bonuses with certain deposit methods. Many bonuses will be unacceptable through the use of certain deposit methods. Two deposit methods are left out of bonuses above any other - credit cards or e-wallets. In some cases credit cards cannot be used, while e-wallets cannot be used in other bonuses. The simple fact is that sportsbook bonuses are free cash that will add in on your bankroll. We recommend accepting any bonus that you can, as it will give you a chance to bet beyond your normal bankroll.

Sportsbooks With Easy Bonus Terms & Conditions

Bovada has some of the best bonus terms of any online sportsbook. They will provide you with some of the lowest requirements of any sportsbook - a wagering requirement of only 1x. Their bonus is also one of the largest, providing a 50% to $250 match bonus that will give you as much money as you can afford to deposit. Bovada has given their players access to some of the most favorable odds as well, making this one of the best sportsbooks online. Bovada's deposit methods include VISA, MyPayLinq, wire transfers and prepaid cards. Bovada provides users with one of the safest gambling sites of all, so you shouldn't have trouble in that department either. Stick with Bovada, and you should have no problems with your betting - with a bonus or without.

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We found that has slightly higher wagering requirements on their promotions, but you should not have to contend with anything beyond an 8x wagering requirement. offers a 25% match to $900, which is one of the higher match percentages without the use of sportsbook bonus codes. They provide their users with one of the largest bankroll increases outside of hitting a successful wager. offers lines on a variety of different sports, covering major and minor sports alike, both on a team and individual basis. We used as one of our primary sources of research for the sports betting bonus guide, as they have some of the easiest deposits and bonuses on the market.

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