Sportsbooks That Accept Bank Wires

One method that sports bettors need to be aware of is that of the bank wire, and the sportsbooks that accept bank wire transfers. They may not be the easiest deposit option to use, nor the quickest, but their advantages generally make up for their disadvantages. If you are patient and aiming to make large deposits, than bank wires are an excellent route to take. We have used these ourselves, and we will share with you our findings surrounding this widely overlooked deposit option. There are few bad things to be said about it, but we can tell you that the advantages to bank transfers are significantly higher tan any of the very few disadvantages.

How To Sign To Use Bank Wires For Sports Betting

Using a bank transfer is fairly simple, though there are a few caveats to using this option. When you go to make a payment with a bank transfer, you will need to know the account into which you are making a payment. In essence, you will have to talk to the sportsbook before you choose to make a deposit through this method. If you contact their customer support team you can receive the numbers for the recipient account. They will then give you detailed instructions on how to ensure that your money goes to the right account. Once this is said and done you will have to visit the bank or financial institution that will process your transfer. Some banks will even let you do this online.

Fees Associated With Using Bank Wire Sportsbook Deposits

Other than the slight inconvenience found in setting up the bank transfer, the fees are also something of a drawback. Through some payment processors, bank transfers can be fairly expensive. You may sometimes experience fees of $50 or more, which means this deposit method should not be used for small deposits. We recommend that you only use bank transfers if you are going to make fairly large deposits, generally $1,000 or more. Remember that fees will always vary by each individual bank, so we cannot really give you a definitive answer on how much it will cost you to process one of these payments.

Bank Wire Sports Betting & The U.S. Sports Gambler

Bank transfers are almost universally available at United States online sportsbooks. Most major banks, as well as some smaller ones, will help you along with making bank transfers. With their help, you should have no issues making payments directly into a sportsbook. The UIGEA has done very little, if anything, to actually block this deposit method from functioning. Bank transfers have higher value to USA gamblers in fact, as this is one deposit method that will never fail to process - something credit card transactions cannot claim.

Overall Thoughts Of Bank Wire Sportsbook Deposits

If we used a "5 star" ranking system, bank transfers would be firmly placed at 4 stars. We gave bank wires 4 stars because of the fact that they have absolutely no limits on the amount that can be transferred in one payment. They then have a success rate that is immeasurable, because failure is simply not a possibility with bank wires. Another advantage to bank wires is the fact they provide their users with total security - there is no possible way that a properly placed bank wire could be stolen, intercepted, or otherwise misused. There is the possibility that you could write down the wrong account number, in which case that is your own fault. The only bad things we could say about sporsbooks that accept bank wires is the fact that they take a few days to process and they have higher fees than most other deposit options. These drawbacks are hardly a reason to forgo using this deposit option.

Top Bank Wire Sports Betting Sites

Bank wires into Bovada are some of the easiest you will ever encounter. They have a carefully detailed set of instructions that will aid you in processing your payments. Bovada will make you pay no fees to use this method, though the bank will. You can deposit as much as you want with any bank wire into their cashier. Your first deposit can be subject to a bonus of up to $250, which will help you make up for the fees associated with the payment itself. A 50% match rate is in place for this promotion and best of all, no sports betting bonus codes are needed. They offer lines on over 12 different sports and events, so you should never be without a betting option regardless of your tastes. Bovada is easily one of the best sports betting sites accepting bank wires on the market.

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